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January 21, 2013

Corporate Events are one of our specialties. Whether for a product launch, sales awards night, merger events, bringing in entertainment is what impresses! We have booked national acts such as The Last Comic Standing’s: John Heffron, The Gentleman... Read more

January 20, 2013


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Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! And let’s make it a joyous memory that you’ll still talk about at your 50th anniversary!  Let us know the details of your dreams!

January 19, 2013

Your wedding ceremony is the beginning of your wedding day celebration and should reflect your feelings towards each other in song. The songs and musicians selected should be carefully thought through and chosen according to your personal preferences. Tal... Read more

January 19, 2013

Cocktail hour music has one primary purpose: to set the tone and mood. Musicians and music selected should be in styles that you enjoy, and well as be “ambient” and not “overbearing”. This is a time for your people to chat and re-c... Read more

We also offer an Event MC and music production. Our MC can host from the stage or be “the voice of God” (from backstage) while broadcasting specific songs for those announced to the stage.

January 17, 2013

These events are extremely joyous. We have performed 5 year anniversaries as well as 50 year anniversaries. It’s the greatest feeling when we perform someone’s wedding, and 5 years later, they call us back to play their 5th anniversary! And, t... Read more

January 16, 2013

This type of event has been coming into its own over the last few years. When an individual or family decides that they would like to gather their closest family and friends for no other reason than to Celebrate Life, then this is a party for you. These e... Read more

January 15, 2013

Whether it’s the 5 year reunion or the 40 year reunion of your High School or College, our musicians have an extreme diversity in their repertoire to perform songs from any decade that you want the evening to focus in. Whether your reunion is from t... Read more

January 14, 2013

Mazel Tov! Energy and excitement combined with talent and great performers will bring these Mitzvah’s “To Life”!  DJ or Band/DJ combos are very popular for these events. Party Enhancers and giveaways keep everyone entertained! (Featured... Read more

December 4, 2012

When you lose a loved one, the Funeral Service will be your last farewell. And one of the most important elements to reinforce the spiritual connection you have is the music that sets the tone and the puts you at peace. The power of music in this moment o... Read more

School workshops and concerts are available by multiple combinations of musicians. From a vocal workshop to performance, brass workshop to performance, to literally any combination that your school needs to build its enrollment in the department you would... Read more

December 4, 2012

The Kenny i Concert and Variety Show is a customizable show that is built in “modules” so any particular theme you would like to experience can be achieved through the combination of modules you select. Many shows we simply perform a full vari... Read more

November 22, 2012

Many corporations we work with have an annual gathering where the company wants to show it’s employees and staff how much they appreciate all the hard work that has been invested over the last year. The event could be a Holiday Party, a Summer Bar-B... Read more

November 19, 2012

Many times music is requested for events such as networking receptions or cocktail parties. The most important element here is that the music provides the right feel that you want to achieve. The musicians and instrumentation should be carefully selected ... Read more